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DinogyLipos warrants against any defective batteries we manufacture for 6 months from date of purchase. Please make sure to check the battery carefully upon arrival for any faults, such as low voltage, no voltage, puffing, etc. If any such problems arise, please be sure to stop using the defective battery immediately. We will need you to take a picture of the battery on the charger or battery checker showing all of the cell voltages and or any physical damage. Plus, we need a photo of the batch code at the end of the battery and purchase date. (see photo)



    Manufacture Warranty Coverage and Duration

    •  Abnormal pack voltage (lower than 3.6V/cell) and/or 0 voltages must be reported within 30 days from the date of purchase.
    • Bloated cell(s) must be reported within 30 days from the date of purchase.
    • Persistent imbalance of one cell of greater than 0.3 volts when compared to the average of the other cell(s) in the pack, this imbalance must be reported within 15 days from the date of purchase.


      Warranty Exclusions


        • Physical damage (impact, crush, water, moisture, salt, ect)
        • Over-charging (charge voltage higher than 4.20V/cell), over-discharging (discharge till very low voltage below 3.0V/cell), reverse-charging and radical over-current discharging.
        • Problems caused by improper charging, defective chargers or user settings.
        • Use outside of specifications
        • Improper storage (high temperature and humidity, fully charged storage for more than 15 days, etc)
        • Short-circuit.
        • Improper balance connections to the charger.
        • Normal wear.
        • Returns without prior notice and confirmation.
        • All or most of the cells in a pack get bloated. This may result from over-capacity discharge, radical over-current discharge, improper storage, or charge voltage in excess of 4.21V/cell. If you have experienced this problem, please check your charging and power system(s) to determine the cause and to prevent further issues with other packs.




        • Always use Li-Po battery packs together with the Low Voltage Buzzer, which can help avoid damaging Li-Po battery packs by over-discharging. The Low Voltage Buzzer is available in your local dealer/distributor.
        • Always charge the battery pack after use till approx. 3.85V/cell for long-term storage.
        • Inquire about our “Crash Warranty”, we will replace a battery that is not covered within the Manufacture Warranty at a 25% discount of our retail prices.