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Maximize Cycle Life and Performance

To Maximize Cycle Life and Performance:

1. Never fast charge cold packs, it causes permanent damage
    *restrict charging temperature to between 70F/21C - 86F/30C degrees
    *reduce charging rates to1C or less when near bottom of this temperature range (regardless of label specs)
    *optimum charging temperature is > 77F/25C degrees
2. Never discharge at high amps when packs are at low temperature, it causes permanent damage
    * optimum discharging temperature is > 77F/25C degrees
    * real "C" maximum discharge levels should be avoided until pack temperature is > 86F/30C degrees
3. To enhance life even more, charge below 4.20v/cell and limit depth of discharge (DOD) as much as possible
    * charging at 4.10v/cell doubles cycle life
    * limiting DOD <70% doubles life
4. Maintain pack running temperature below ~131F/55C if you wish to avoid accelerating the aging process
5. Immediately charge a pack to 3.7v if any cell has been discharged to 3.0v (or near)

    Storage Facts:

    1. Regarding maximum cycle life there is little difference storing packs between 3.7v/cell - 3.9v/cell if kept within 32F/0C - 68F/20C degrees
    2. Regarding reducing age related capacity reduction store at 3.7v-3.75v/cell and maintain temperature between 32F/0C - 68F/20C degrees
    3. Long term storage above 77F/25C degrees accelerates aging which becomes more pronounced the higher the storage charge is
    4. Storing packs at 3.7v-3.75v/cell avoids the possibility of thermal runaway due to accumulated effects of abuse and/or aging which produce dendrites (Dendrites: microscopic crystallized mineral treelike whiskers or protrusions responsible for non-crash related internal short circuits)
    5. Always place packs in Lipo bags or other flame proof containers when not in use