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Dinogy 2s 2600mAh 5C TX Lipo

Dinogy 2s 2600mAh 5C TX Lipo

  • $19.00


  • Voltage 7.4V
  • Max Charge Rate 1C
  • Pack Weight 102g 
  • Pack Size 17x31x100mm


  • HiTec Universal Connector (black) and JR Connector (white)


Please read and observe all safety precautions provided with this battery before using or charging.

This battery must only be charged with a battery charger designed for Lithium Polymer batteries. Never charge Lithium Polymer batteries at a rate greater than 1C. This means that this Transmitter Lipo MUST NOT be charged at a rate greater than 2500 milliamps (2.5 amps). Always charge Lipo batteries on a fireproof surface, and never leave unattended while charging.

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